Advancement Equals Life… Stagnation Equals Death…How Advanced Are You?

How rare it is that people seek to understand the deeper more important life changing realities that can make them happier.   Its no wonder people suffer so needlessly.  If you look at anything in life .. trees, plants, rocks, tables or people, its either growing or dying.. there is no staying the same, there is no in between.  This is not just theory, its science.   World leader and philosopher Daisaku Ikeda once said:

“Everything is in motion.  Life is constantly moving.  The universe, too, is in motion.  To live is to move.  Advancement equals life.  Stagnation equals death.  A top is stable because it spins .  Once it stops spinning, it cannot remain upright.”  –

This quote was something I read this morning that’s been on my mind a lot lately.  Reason being, I’ve watched people close to me resist change, resist deeper solutions that could help them rise above the muddy swamp and bloom like the lotus.

Have you ever found yourself stuck, deadlocked or frustrated?

There is a simple solution and it lies within the words above… Advance!   We must take action not only towards our dreams, but towards understanding these deeper more meaningful realities of life.  So when we do get stuck, instead of saying oh Sh*t life sucks, we remember.. I must advance, otherwise I’m just dying and I’d rather feel “Life” than “Death.”

Ask a Better Question

Life is simple when you realize that all suffering stems from ignorance.  Instead of asking why me, try asking how… as in how can I Advance.  A seeker of the truth will always advance along the path of abundance live at the peak of existence.