“Bad Leadership Is Like A Flat Tire, Its Very Hard To Go Anywhere Until You Change It.”

Have you ever seen a business that struggled to make it or just couldn’t get past treading water?  Chances are its bad leadership.  Typical signs of bad leadership are:

  • bad-leadership-300x207Talking smack behind employees back
  • Can’t take responsibility for current predicament
  • Slanders themselves
  • Curses in front of customers
  • Complains a lot
  • Never smiles
  • Encouragement is foreign to them
  • Won’t stand by you
  • Favoritism based in personal insecurities
  • Fears those who are stronger and wiser

If you see these signs, get the hell out because…

“Bad leadership is like a flat tire, its very hard to go anywhere until you change it.”

Wednesday Wisdom #34
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