Belly Up Tavern 8-24-10

Greetings fine lovers of enlightened music.  Recently we played the “Three Waves A Day” event at the Belly Up in Solana Beach.  The Event’s purpose is to support and promote the culture and good vibes of Surfing, Yoga and Positive Music.  The event was a success considering it was a Tuesday night and most people opt to stay home glued to the box.  We had about 200 people come out and Shaka Buku rocked the house with tunes like “Stars are in the Sky” and “Rise Up”.

I struggled that whole day and to this day fighting off some frigging cold or bug in my system, but managed to “rise up” above the challenge that an invader creates for my voice.    Its a good lesson I learn frequently about the fact that problems are unavoidable, the only way to get through life on a sailboard is to “make yourself bigger than your problems.”  This tenant is older than the universe, with all major religions and life coaches  pointing to its importance in living a “good life.”

As a singer its really tough.  Your guitar or keyboard or drums pretty much sound the same every night, but your voice never sounds the same and sometimes it doesn’t work at all.  Talk about challenging.

The night went pretty smooth though with Revival from the South Bay opening up and Shaka Buku in the Middle then Tribal Theory at the end.  We gave away over $5,000 in raffle prizes with proceeds going to Mauli Ola Foundation for cystic fibrosis and people were genuinly stoked to be there.

Three Waves A Day now gears up for the Sound Wave in October, but  Shaka will be playing in September at Longboards in Pacific Beach first.

On a final note:  its really really really freakin good to play with some top notch musicians.  Every one in Shaka Buku is a seasoned pro with over 10 years experience and it shows in the music.  As a solo artist I’ve always been challenged with trying to recreate the sound on CD into a live performance.  I’m almost there so every gig we get a little closer to the magnificense from the album that everyone loves so much – Feel Different.

Peace to you my friend and we’ll see you at the next gig.


Don’t forget to “Demand Me” if you want Shaka Buku to come out and play in your home town.