Best Feel Good Music – The Feel Good Fanatic

Today more than ever before in history we find an overabundance of our Basic needs like food shelter and clothing. This may seem like good news but there’s a major drawback. If we retrace our history to the times where East things were scarce we were forced to survive and overcome challenges which essentially built our character and gives deeper fulfillment.

Now that we have so much abundance we are not as challenged to overcome obstacles and therefore never feel this deeper fulfillment. As a result, we search and reach for distractions to take us away from facing this lack of fulfillment and happiness. He’s distractions manifest as excessive Time on social media like Facebook and Twitter or overconsumption of food like ice cream and potato chips or too much alcohol or pornography.

While these challenges need to be addressed with specific tools like the Triad of Unbreakable Confidence which builds self-esteem through specific actions we also need to look at replacing those distractions with things that make us feel good and are good for us. Obviously, there’s exercise and healthy food, But one of the most overlooked and simplest ways to feel good about ourselves is To listen to feel good music.

By listening to music that puts you in a good mood you can instantly trigger chemicals like serotonin and dopamine without the negative consequences that you would have with drugs or unhealthy food. Some songs to put you in a good mood would include: Set yourself free, You are Wonderful, Smile for Me and Good Times Are Here Today. These good vibe songs are all from my last album Set Yourself Free, but I have some new ones like Feeling Good– Living The Life I Love, which will be coming out in the next few months on an album called Feel Good Fanatic. Stay connected on my email list as I’ll be giving you a massive dose of feel-good chemicals with this new album.  It’s the best work I’ve done my entire life and I think you’re going to love it.