Captain of the Sky

I got really ill from a virus sometimes referred to as the stomach flu. It was so debilitating that for several days I could barely move, I couldn’t eat, look at a computer or even watch TV. So I dragged myself to nature to suck in the healing powers of the ocean.

While meditating on the meaning of this debilitating illness a curious crow effortlessly glided back and forth in front of my nose as if to say: “Hey look how easy it is, if only you were the captain of the sky, like me.”

Then it hit me, the crow was not mocking me, it was teaching me something important… The crow glides with little effort by using the resistance of the wind. He doesn’t fight the wind; he accepts the wind and uses it to his advantage.

The minute I stopped resisting the illness and accepted it the pain was cut in half! It didn’t have such a strangling grip on me, at least my mind that is. I could use the debilitating properties of this illness to slow down, find more balance in work and play, be grateful for being alive and inspire others with my experience.

So anytime you’re feeling down, defeated or ill just remember… there is an opportunity to learn, grow, be grateful and become absolutely happy.

Please share with someone you feel could use some inspiration.

To your health – Chad