Chad Scott on Jimmy Kimmel Live – Are you In?

Its amazing how much 1 performance can completely alter an artist’s career if its broadcast on National TV.   I’ve only observed the careers of once completely unknown American Idol or The Voice participants and watched them become well known artists overnight.  But right now I have an opportunity to actually play on Jimmy Kimmel Live and have my music exposed to over a million people.

Chad Scott on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Of course there is a catch, you have to be voted into a round of 100, then some “so called judges” choose from there.  But, really there is nothing to loose here so I applied and now I need to get voted into the top 100.

First I really hate it when people ask me to vote for them unless they are going to change my life or the world for the better.  So let me be clear, I am asking for your vote, but that vote will go towards empowering an artist with a grand mission of inspiring and empowering millions with his music and message.   So I’m reaching out for your participation in making this happen.   So here are 3 Easy steps to vote

1) Please click this link  then click on …”The OurStage panel: Jimmy Kimmel Live!,

2) they will ask you to sign up for an account which you can do with 1 click on the Facebook icon and you can unsubscribe to their email after you get their first email or stay on and check out other artists.

3) just drag the Chad Scott icon into “Choice 1” and the other 3 competitors into 2,3 &4 then click “Submit Vote”

Thanks for your support!  Together we can lift the world!   Hope to see you from JImmy Kimmel Live