Chad Scott on Pandora with 311, Weezer, Dave Mathews & Bob Marley

Do you listen to Pandora?  If so type in “Chad Scott” in the “New Station” field and see what comes up.  This was interesting to me as sometimes Pandora dishes out some gems that I’d never have found if I didn’t listen to their service, but sometimes they throw in some of the most random whacked out songs that have nothing to do with the artist I’m looking to hear.

One of my Biggest Influences

Recently I’ve been listening to my own station on Pandora and at first they threw on some random stuff that sounded nothing like me like Weezer and Justin James.  But after “thumb downing” the indigestible songs, Pandora’s algorithm started throwing out some of my own favorites like Steel Pulse, Bob Marley, 311 and Dave Mathews. I must say I was pretty flattered that Pandora matched me with Bob Marley, one of my greatest influences.

So check it out and leave me a comment below.  Specifically, let  me know if the station “Chad Scott” needed a bunch of fine tuning and what other artists you liked.

Updates on my music ….

I’ve been doing a bunch of solo acoustic gigs locally here in San Diego and its been kicking my ass!  but oh so welcoming as its also taking my game to a whole new level.  Solo I’m obviously on my own and I feel naked sometimes, but it pushes me to really dig down and pull out my best performances.  Plus these gigs last 3 hours and they pay pretty well at high end resorts and restaurants.  My goal of course though is to build up enough fans to start doing just original material with the full band.  So please share the Pandora Station  by clicking here