Coconuts -Epic Surf – Acoustic Guitar – Fresh Fish and Alaska Mike

I got an opportunity to get away for 5 days recently to a place in Mexico called Saladita, which is about 45 minutes outside of Ixtapa.   One of the

Some Hot Chick I Found at my Pool

prime reasons for going was because its Hot and there is great surf.  Right now in March its freaking freezing here in SD, water temp is around 59 and the air is about the same.

Gringo White Boy Getting Ready to Feast

Stepping off the plane we were immersed in the lush warm breeze of tropical Mexico and instantly transported to a state of chill with visions of hammocks and coconuts.  What a huge surprise when we got off the plane there was NO CROWD, no Beggars, No thieves and NO STRESS!

Out of the few people that awaited passengers we heard our names called from a 6 foot 4 inch tall gringo who is known throughout the world as “Alaska Mike.”  We stepped out into the parking lot to get into his 15 year old Suburban which looked like it had driven across the planet 10 times, but had brand new suspension and off road tires appropriate for serious off roading adventure.

He proceeded to launch into a serious of rants and jokes that had us in stitches then pulled over to a local coconut vendor.   He continued his banter with the vendor speaking Spanish sort of like a Mexican version of Will Farrel and pretty soon the local was laughing in hysterics.  We observed the comedy while slurping down cold coconut water straight from fresh Mexican coconuts.

When we arrived at the house after a 45 minute drive through the Mexican jungle the ocean came into view beyond the palm trees and we came upon a large estate “Casa Mar Azul” or blue ocean house with massive wooden gates which led to a cooridoor with a guest house, a workshop and then the estate itself.  The house was awesome with 5 bedrooms an infinity pool that vanished into the ocean and the only patch of lawn on the beach.

Whats even more exciting, at least if you’re a surfer, was La Punta Saladita.  The longest left break in Mexico is about a 8 minute walk from the house

Casa Mar Azul - Our Pad

and it breaks for 300 yards.   I’d never experienced being on  a wave this long, it just kept going and reforming from way out (20 minute paddle to the main break) all the way to the beach in a little over 1 minute.  Of course I experienced all this the next day when I paddled out into the line up of super friendly (mostly americans) surfers.

La Saladita apparently is mostly Americans visiting or part time residents with dual citizenship.  The town itself is not really a town, just a few restaurants on the beach, a couple surf camps and various estates on the beach, spread out along a 4 mile stretch of beach.  This was one of the most calm and tranquil places I’ve ever been that wasn’t completely deserted.  It helps that the air is 85-90 and the water is 80 degrees and less people means less conflict.

Corky Carrol
I paddled out into the lineup my second day and had a little different experience.  Corky Carrol an ex pro surfer had his whole surf camp out in the water, which is fine accept he forgot one big thing.  He forgot to TEACH THEM.  Every single one of them without acception dropped in on me at one time or other that day, I had to whistle or yell at them a few times, but they were oblivious to surfer etiquette.   Despite the neucence, I remained friendly with the people, it really wasn’t their fault, they had no guidance from their supposed teacher.  I still managed to pull off at least 3 one minute rides and rode that stoke the whole day, breaking out my guitar and writing a couple songs by the pool.

Alaska Mike Being an Electrician

Alaska Mike
Alaska Mike turned out to be one of the best parts of the whole trip and he was a trip.  This guy was from Alaska where he lived and worked as a general contractor building anything from hydro electric plants to top secret installations for Home Land Security in Dutchess Harbor, land of the deadliest catch.  He was raw, untamed, but highly intelligent and witty, resembling a character from Fear & Loathing by Hunter S Thompson with his 6′ 4″ frame, ability to drink and drive all the time, cook up a mean steak, build a bamboo table or skin  and kill a bear in the woods (he showed us the bear rug from the bear he killed).

Mike had some great one liners like: If someone says “grow up” you say “you mean give up!”  Mike was a big kid with a huge passion for life.  He’s married but spends a good chunk of the year in separate residences and it works.

Scorpions, Lobsters and Eels

Almost Dead Blowfish On Beach

La Saladita is RAW and untamed for the most part.  I had surprising little visitor one morning in the bathroom, which I thought was a weird looking leaf or something, but turned out to be a scorpion.  I thought man I can’t just leave this thing here it could really be dangerous and it was too big to catch in a cup so I threw a towel over it and stepped on it.  Sorry dude, I felt bad, but it was our safety that weighed over my conscience.  Then just walking down the beach was like a biological disectors dream, with lobsters, eels and blowfish washed up regularly and a few big sand sharks in the shallows looking for tasty treats.

Acoustic Marmalade
This place was inspiring to say the least.  Its interesting what happens when all the phone calls stop and you can’t get internet connection.  The right brain creativity opens up to a vast expansive library where the sky’s the limit and this was no exception.  I began playing my guitar and singing a few words like laugh and love and life and blending it together with a sort of acoustic marmalade which was sweet, tart and chewey.  I just got a new Dragonfly Microphone and I’m going to record it in the next month or so so check in to see the results.

Back to USA
You know many times I’m ready to go back, I got a lot of great things going on, but this time I wasn’t.  I wanted to stay and write songs and surf Punta La Saladita on its endless left break.  And of course eat fresh fish and coconuts from the land.  As we left I stopped and looked out over the infinity pool and into the ocean and sucked up a big breath of warm wet salty air.  I said good by and see you next time.   Ofcourse we we were off to the Zero Stress Airport with Mike and his Corona between his legs driving and telling us stories mixed with his bantor.  It was a proper ending to a fantastic trip.

Oh you know I forgot to mention I did get sick for about 24 hours with Montezuma’s Revenge and it was awful but i was in such a great relaxing place I forgot all about it.

Peace out,  Shaka