Comfort Kills – My Quest to Bring 500 People to the House of Blues

I’ve taken on a huge responsibility of packing the House of Blues (a 1,000 person capacity venue) and the most I’ve done in the

House of Blues June 21st

past is 300 at the Belly Up.   It’s my biggest gig to date and if I fail, I may not get invited back.. the amount of stress in enormous.   Just thinking of it makes me really friggin uncomfortable, but recently I re-read a quote from T Harv Eker, “Comfort Kills.”   And if comfort kills, which it really does, then discomfort builds.

Well if that’s the case then its time to celebrate, because I’ve had a ton of discomfort, including the event planner completely dropping the ball and not raising $1 dollar for marketing, 9 out of 10 yoga teachers not even responding to my invitation to get FREE tickets to the event, my non-profit not promoting squat and basically once again, with the exception of my two fellow artists on the bill, leaving me to single handedly bring 500 people to the event.

So every time I start thinking “Retreat, Retreat, Just do Comfortable gigs” I come back to this quote and realize I’ll never get to the next level unless I push through this one.   So I recommitted to bringing 500 people and interesting things happened.  Like yesterday, I’ve been calling this guy from the San Diego Union Tribune George Varga, in charge of music, literally 15 times before I got a response, then the trail went cold again until yesterday when…. bam he picks up and we’ve got coverage.    Persistence!  Yes Persistence!  I pushed through the discomfort and found victory.  I don’t know if all this effort will lead to 500 people at the House of Blues, but I do know it will lead to something good, more CD sales, more gigs, and definitely more confidence to forge ahead and get my music to the masses.

Belly Up.   It’s my biggest gig to date and if I fail, I may not get invited back..

Hopefully this may inspire you to push through your comfort zone and break through to new heights, whether that’s school, job, relationships or health they all require PERSISTENCE to make it to the next level.

Hope to see you at the House of Blues June 21st.  Get tickets here:  House of Blues