Disturbance in The Force – How Not to Get Sick During the Holidays

As a singer, one of the most difficult things to do is keep your voice functioning in top condition in spite of the many roller coasters life throws us … like changing weather, changing wealth, health and overall happiness.

Obi WanSince this vocal condition is also related to overall health of everyone on the planet, I’ve put a lot of thought and research into it.  What really hit me recently was Star Wars and Death!

What the hell does that have to do with my health you say?  Well, when Obe Wan Kenobe feels a disturbance in the force from a planet exploding and lots of people dieing it reminded me of something I heard from Tony Robbins about our health.

Basically Tony used the example of New York on a trash strike and all the trash in the city piled up bringing herds of rats.  But the rats only came when there was a “disturbance!”  Similarly, during the holidays we have plenty of disturbances like stress from buying everyone a freaking gift, cooking eight million cookies and the eating them all.  Oh yea and the egg nog with three of the “four white devils,” refined sugar, alcohol and pasteurized milk (according to Paul Chek of the Chek Institute the fourth white devil is refined white flour).

All this equals acid and acid equals “disturbance” and disturbance equals sick.   Since we know that… in 1931 Dr. Warburg won his first Nobel Prize for work proving cancer is caused by a lack of oxygen respiration in cells and we know that… alkaline tissue holds 20 times more oxygen than does acidic tissue, we can surmise that staying alkaline vs acid is perhaps the #1 most important factor in avoiding a “disturbance in the force” of your own body.  Cancer also thrives in an acidic environment, and can’t live in an alkaline environment.  If it continues year after year it could lead to cancer or possibly even death!  So think about this during the holidays:

1) how much am I disturbing my regularity of diet?  i.e. how much acid are you taking in? -stay away from the four white devils or at least minimize it.  And Please… Do yourself a favor… DON’T GO BACK FOR SECONDS!  Seriously, its the overload that throws you under the bus.

2) how much stress am I taking on that might create a disturbance?  Stress creates more acid than diet, think about ramping up exercise and meditation during the holidays .. and a hot bath before bed can do miracles for stress and knocking out a cold.

Happy Holidays to you and Please feel free to make comments below.

Lots of love, Chad