Don’t Go Back For Seconds – You Might Explode

GluttonyThis Wednesday is the night before Thanksgiving so I thought I’d share some time tested wisdom.  Every Thanksgiving we sit down to the table and give thanks for all we are grateful for.  With the exception of the last 5 years, I, like most others, gorged myself into gluttony, eventually leading to a state of… ungrateful with heartburn, and a raging battle in my belly between the cranberries and the turkey!

But I realized I could act as if this was a regular meal with one plate of food.  You wouldn’t go make another plate at home, and you wouldn’t fill your gas tank all the way until it overflows… why do it now?  When I started not going back for second helpings, I felt content and grateful, but empowered… I beat the demon of greed.  If temptation rears its ugly head, I simply think about all I’m grateful for including a happy stomach.


Wednesday Wisdom #24
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