Feel Good Music at the Red Lotus

Just a quick report on the event last Saturday night at the Red Lotus Fall Fundraiser in Downtown SD.  The event was a big success with just about full capacity and only a few hiccups.  Prem Darshan played an Kirtan Alt Rock set with his 7 piece band and entertained with some rock infused Kirtan standards.  To me it was pretty cool, as Kirtan is such a chill and mellow vibe, but Prem took it to a whole new level of energy and musicianship.

Royal India brought dinner for 200 on the house.  And we had free sponsor giveaways from Good On Ya Bars, Kind bars and Nurtidel.  All my personal favorite healthy snacks.  The raffle gave away about $2,000 worth of prizes including yoga memberships, feel good cd’s, t-shirts, surf lessons and much more.

Finally, the Shaka Buku All Stars hit the stage and tore into a 1 hour set with songs like “you are wonderful” “stars are in the sky” and “set yourself free”.    The dance floor was full and we had the audience moving and grooving.   I’ve put together bands now to support Shaka Buku for 10 years and this is the best band yet, thus the title Shaka Buku All Stars.  Plus, our backbone bass and drums Kevin Freeby and Mark Lamson have played with me before and with each other.

I psyched to play again soon as the momentum is on my side.  I’ll keep you all posted.  peace and love  more feel good music to come.  -Chad