Feel Good Music – How Do You Know its The Best?

With the world having so many negative and power grabbing leaders in our media and the constant onslaught of bad news it’s no wonder many people seek out uplifting music. Uplifting songs can take you out of the negativity in the snap of a finger or the blink of an eye. But how is this done? feel-goodyone Artist who makes songs that put you in a good mood better than another?

It’s important to understand that music has an effect on our emotions due to a few things. The first thing is the actual cords that are in the song. There are minor and major chords and typical feel good music is written in primarily major chords.

The second thing to understand is the actual artist who is either singing or producing the songs. If the person is negative and has a lot of internal conflicts this will typically be reflected in the lyrics and the melodies. In contrast, the best feel good music is typically written by people who are happy and fulfilled in life.

Of course, this fulfillment may be temporary for some and based purely on their financial circumstances and their amount of fame. But for these people who have temporary happiness, you will find that their lyrics reflect this as well.

So when you’re really looking for the Best feel good music Artist you want to look into someone’s life rather than just listen to the music. You can do this by simply going to an artists website and looking at their biography. If their biography shows that they’ve gone through some struggles and overcome them, then the chances are their lyrics will reflect this and affect you on a deeper level.