Feel Good Music – Its A Good Addiction

Have you ever been walking down the street and all of a sudden you hear some music coming from somewhere, could’ve been a car or somebody’s house but all you really know is that its moving something inside of you. And then of course there are songs that don’t really lift you they may agitate you or bring up some sad feelings.

While some people feel that music, regardless of its emotional content it, is cathartic, studies have proven otherwise. Basically, researchers have taken lyrics from angry heavy metal songs and put them into melodies of nursery rhymes, which normally would’ve had a calming effect. What they found was they did not have a calming effect they actually made people agitated and angry even though they were using nursery rhyme melodies.

In other words, angry music contained mostly in heavy metal and a lot of rap music actually has a negative impact on people in society creating more anger, hostility and violence. On the other hand uplifting music from the likes of Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Stevie wonder or Chad Scott all have an upbeat inspirational tone.

In contrast to heavy metal music the best feel good songs like set yourself free by Chad Scott have been proven to actually improve your mood, your immune system and your motivation levels. So enjoy and turn it up spread the word and share the good vibrations.