Feel Good Music – Shaka Buku delivers at Longboards

Last Sunday we delivered a crowd shaking mix of reggae and funk to a packed house at Longboards in Pacific Beach.  I personally felt like I delivered a lifetime performance.  Why?  After the gig when I got off stage I had people lined up to ask questions about “who wrote the songs” and just give me kudos.  It was a great feeling as I’ve been pushing the wheel up the hill for over 10 years now and really just starting to get some of the rewards and benefits.

We blazed through a 2 hour set with some Bob Marley covers like “could you be loved” and “Is this love” which were greatly appreciated, but the crowd when nuts when I engaged them in a sing along to “I’m Alive” singing “I’m alive i’m alive and I feel so good inside.”  In fact try stating that over and over and see if your state changes.  Guaranteed you will feel good in about 10 seconds.  Then after I’m Alive and “Smile for Me” we closed with “Stars are in the Sky” which features another little sing along “stars are in the sky and we all share the light” sung over and over.  The good vibes were contagious and infected the whole place with pure positivity.  No body left without a smile that night.

Next Gig?

Ideal Hotel
Downtown San Diego
Sat Nov 6th 8pm

with Prem Darshan and Agua Dulce  – Don’t Miss this one!