Bob Marley and Al Green meet Shaka Buku

Review By John Sutton
Best Happy

Shaka Buku (aka Chad Scott) may not be a house hold name yet, but one listen to the album “Feel Different” may have you asking “where did this guy come from?”  Shaka’s third album  “Feel Different” churns out some of the most catchy, funky ear candy  since Bob Marley or Stevie Wonder first hit the scene.

I first found out about Shaka Buku from a friend who had seen them live in San Diego at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana beach and couldn’t stop raving about this band.  I could see why after one listen in my car.  I was hooked like kid in a candy jar full of red hots,  pina colada jelly bellys and chocolate covered orange slices.  This music is “Diverse” and moves from rock to reggae  from samba to house.   Most notable is the “feel good” timeless melodies and hooks that might as well have been written by Bob Marley or Al Green.  Songs like “You Are Wonderful” is remenicient of Al Green’s “Lets Stay Together” and “Kaya Love Me” with its mix of reggae, country, blues is reminiscent Bob Marley’s “Could You Be Loved.”

Rare in the day and age of “digital downloads” Chad Scott of Shaka Buku delivers an entire album of hits from top to bottom.  Of course it doesn’t hurt that he took 4 years to make the album and had the help of some top dogs in Los Angeles including producer singer/songwriter JB Eckl (Santana, Ozomatli, War),  producer keyboardist Sebastian Arocha Mortan (Sting, Seal, Counting Crows, Mary J Blige) and Bassist Pancho Tomaselli from the band War.

Shaka Buku’s album is must have for any serious music collector.  The band can also be found on tour supporting a event called “Three Waves A Day” which supports and promotes Surfing Yoga and Music or you can find more feel good music on their home page at