Find Your Smile

Thanks for helping us inspire the world with your smile. Our goal is to get 10,000 smiles on this page.   Why?  Because People who smile more live longer, and lead happier lives (this is a scientific FACT).  Your smile is infectious…  each smile creates another smile and waves of joy spread across the world making it a better place to live.

Find your smile and claim it: please locate the Gallery that contains your City Name and browse. Once you find your smile click on it and look at the picture number (for example: 2/20 ) write a comment below telling us 1) the picture number, 2) City and 3) your name and  and we will add you to our special thanks page on Facebook and Twitter.   Don’t forget to get your free download of “Smile for Me” by clicking on the Green Box on the left.  Please help us reach our goal by sharing the “Smile For Me” Video and this page with others

Can’t Find Your Smile?   Please send us your smile to:

 San Francisco, California

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Venice, California

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San Diego, California

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