Flyboarding Video – Human Dolphins in France – You Gotta See This

Every 5-10 years someone with big kahunas takes a risk and steps out of the box to create some new sport toy that harnesses nature and gives you the ultimate thrill.  This time its water and flying… yes man uses water (and a jetski) to fly.   Its called Flyboarding and its gotta be fun.

The Flyboard works based on a water propulsion system. Basically you have a board, which  is connected by a hose to a jet ski and is propelled by the water from the jet ski intake. Using his or her weight, the rider directs the board left or right, up or down while the flyboard operator in the jet ski controls the speed and direction of the flight path. But this is for pansies.  Check out the video below as it appears this new extreme sport has been taken to a new level in France where the person on the flyboard is in total control and can spin, do flips and dive in and out of the water like a dolphin.


If you’re interested in going out there and flight testing you can buy one for $6,500 or just rent.  There are several operators in the US including right here in San Diego  but riders must be 16 years or older. 16 & 17 year old flyers must have parents/guardians permission.  Apparently anyone can ride the flyboard with about 10 minutes of instruction and training.

Think its a trend?  Would you do it?  Please feel free to comment below.

Happy flying,  Chad