Live Performance Review

Live Performance Review
Longboards Pacific Beach
Sept 26th, 2010
by Kayana Jones

Some times amazing things happen when you just say yes to things you always say no to, like going to a bar on a Sunday night to hear music instead of retreating to a warm and cozy bed that calls your name like a soft patch of clouds.

For me it was September 26th at 9pm when I got a call from a friend who some how convinced me that the greatest up and coming band of today was right here in San Diego and I could sleep all I wanted when I was dead.

Fortunately something roused me out of bed and I was able to experience what I would call enlightenment in a bar, if there ever was such a thing.  My first thought was.. this band “Shaka Buku” is dam good and shouldn’t we be hearing these guys at like House of Blues or 4th & B downtown.  Yet I was later to find out that Lonboard Grill in Pacific Beach has some top notch talent that loves to play here because the crowds show up in droves and get down!

Shaka Buku lit up the crowd with a 6 piece band that made your hair stand on your back with songs like “I’m Alive,” which had the whole crowd singing “I’m Alive, I’m Alive and I Feel So Good Inside.” It was more mantra than a chorus and felt as if singer songwriter Chad Scott had reached into the depths of each person and placed a little sunshine on their soul creating a wave of smiles across the entire venue.

Later on Shaka Buku closed the night with “Stars are in the Sky,” which featured another chorus mantra “Stars are in the Sky and we all share the light” sung over and over, that seemed so appropriately to elevate my life to a quasi form of enlightenment that sent me home and to bed dreaming of the wonders life has to offer when you are open to doing something you always say no to.

Shaka Buku has a few excellent albums out including the latest “Feel Different” and can be seen here in San Diego by checking their calendar at They also offer Free Downloads of some of their best songs on their website.