Gallaghers Was Blown Away Last Night.. Game Changer For the Band

Last night we played at Gallaghers to over 200 people and blew the house down.  Literally, I had more people come up to me last night and say , “you crushed it,” “you guys are amazing,”  “I love your voice” than any other gig before.  It helps of course when you’ve been working your ass off for over 10 years becoming a great musician and you have some of the best players behind you like Kevin Freebie on Bass, Mark Lamson on drums, Ben Zinn on guitar and Rick Perez on keys.

But most importantly, the songs and the passion behind the songs are what really moves people.  We had a full house doing call and response, waving their hands, shouting at the top of their lungs and the

Chad Scott blowing down the house at Gallaghers

energy was off the charts.  We played three 45 minute sets, each set got a little more crowded and we raised the bar each time with 10 minute jam sessions on songs like “Stars are in the sky”, “Set Yourself Free” and “Rise Up.”  People were bowing in reverence to Ben’s lead skills when he broke out some the greasiest solos on Stars are in the Sky while people were shakin booty to Kevin Freebies funkified bass solos.

My favorite comment from the night… “You sound like a black man.”  I love this one and its definitely not the first time I’ve gotten it.  Its an interesting compliment in its own right,  sounding black typically means you got  soul and soul is what its all about to me.  Unveiling your soul and letting it all out touches people at their core and people can’t help but be deeply moved.

Now ensues the long, but worthwhile  journey to replicate this experience for millions of people.  The plan is being hatched right now and includes viral videos for songs, “smile for me”, “set yourself free”, and “you give me good love.”  Also coming out with a new album “Set yourself Free” which realistically should win a grammy for best new artist or best album.  Stay tuned.