Geza X Review

“I got really excited when I heard the new Chad Scott record. I’ve been following his work with interest for several years and feel that he is right up front with the new alternative pop. The album is energetic, passionate, humorous and meaningful.

Singer Chad Scott has evolved into a spokesman for the high ideals of the new youth. His message to disenfranchised youth couldn’t be any clearer–“have fun and use your power to help change things”. Shaka Buku’s music is a wild blend of ska, alternative, and pop, a true party album. But Chad takes it further than most, interlacing funk, reggae, jazz and hip-hop elements as well.

He displays a real understanding of the divergent voices and influences underlying modern music. The song “Heart of a Buddha” has a universal message with a “jump out of your seat” type of chorus. It could easily command enough attention to be a radio hit, given the right marketing strategy. Other songs like “Sunday Sunday Monday” also have commercial potential and could follow “Heart of a Buddha” as popular singles. The whole album is so well produced, with lush with cleverly arranged instrumentation, that it sounds like a Major-Label release.

When I heard Chad’s (formerly Shaka Buku) first release “Good Vibrations” a few years ago, I thought “hmm this has potential” and made several suggestions to Chad for further career development. The results have been stunning. I have seen for myself what a hard worker he is and how well he responds to professional direction. The progress he’s made in developing his skills as a professional writer, producer and singer happen but rarely. The new album “Reggae Rock Hop” shows how a viable, creative artist can reach for the brass ring if he has the desire and passion to evolve as it keeps being raised higher and higher. I strongly recommend him as a person who delivers the goods and backs up his promises. .” 

-Platinum producer GEZA X (Black Flag, DK’s, Meredith Brooks) voted a top record producer by Billboard magazine