Good Omens.. Crazy Eye Opening Messages From Above

Sometimes we work so hard on things and nothing happens, nothing happens, nothing happens, perhaps for years at at time. Frustration builds like sand in a dust storm, clouds our vision and eventually we begin questioning … does anything I do really have an effect?  If nothing does happen, most eventually will simply give up.  But for those that persists and continue to push the rock up the hill like King Sisyphus, then, out of the void of surrender, comes an omen, a sign from above, the universal powers that be, to cast a fresh new light on our path.

Well this definitely doesn’t happen every day, but when it does its one of the most incredible awe inspiring events we can witness and it happened to me the other day, not once, but twice!  I don’t like to divulge much of my private life, but I think this lesson of persistence and surrender is so critical to life that I’m going to share with you today the gist of the story.

omenFirst Omen
I’m single, I’ve been holding out for the right gal and its been one of the most challenging hurdles of my life without a doubt.  Everyone needs love and I’m no exception, but, like hiring someone on short-term notice to fill a critical position at work,  just settling for someone to fulfill this need never ends up as the best long term solution.  Values and beliefs must align enough to the point where you have a great life-time partner.   Well I’m not going to name names or anything right now, but I wanted to share the power of intention with you.

Basically I’ve had my mind on someone, but I’m not sure if my timing is right.  Anyway I’m in North Park killing time at a juice bar that I’ve never been to.  Then, while I’m waiting for my juice… BAM, this gal just appeared out of nowhere (well out of my intentions).  It wasn’t like I had to strain my eyes to find her either, she walked up and bam there she was.  We were both surprised, it was clearly an omen.  I mean come on… what are the chances of just running into someone you’re interested in a city of 3 million people.  To me it was clearly an omen, but who knows what will happen, if anything.  Instead of attaching myself to some desired outcome I’m simply appreciative of the opportunity to witness the magic of the universe.  No matter what, each time I get a sign from the universe “an omen” I believe even more now that something great is going to happen and… that I have the power to create my destiny.

Second Omen
I’ve been struggling my ass off in music with 14 years of writing, study and production and 7 years of live performance.  I’ve tried every freaking promotional strategy there is without having a label with millions of dollars behind me, but without real marketing dollars its simply been, or so it seems, a fruitless effort.   No matter how good your product is, unless people know about it, its as good as dead.  About 5 years ago my intern and I went and handed out sample CDs for my second CD “Reggae Rock Hop” at the Del Mar Fair after a couple reggae concerts like Ziggy Marley and one other I can’t even remember.  People gobbled them up like candy, but I never got any real feedback at all.

That is until the other night.  I went to the Belly Up for a party with a bunch of DJs.  As I walked up to get in line several people called my name, mostly yoga students, but one guy looked at my t-shirt which said “Shaka Buku” my old stage moniker and said: “I know Shaka Buku, I got a CD of theirs at the Del Mar Fair and played it over and over and over until it died.  I was blown away.. I thought, how many other people who got the CD were playing it over and over who we never capitalized on… was I one inch away from gold then gave up on Shaka Buku?  After I let go of that scarce thought and stepped into abundance I realized that it worked and I could do it again under my new stage moniker with even better music.   And once again I have more confidence that I’m on the right path.  The universe has given me a signal…all systems are GO and the lights are GREEN.  Take your music to the masses.

How?  I’ve got something freaking amazing up my sleeve including a new kick ass album better than anything I’ve ever done and a record label … that I control.  Stay tuned folks as life is about to get really exciting and I’d love to have you next to me on the journey.

Lots of Love,  Chad

Please feel free to comment below… about your omens or other cool happenings in your life.