Goodbye Sol Yoga… Hello Yoga Six !

Well its been a long time coming but, I’ve got a new yoga home and I’ve gotta say its the most fantastic loving group of people I’ve

chad scott - pincha mayurasana

Scorpion (Pincha Mayurasana)

ever worked with.  No negative vibes, no drama, instead I walk in to loving arms.  No really, when I get to the studio I get a hug, imagine that.  It reminded me of the path we should all honor…

“Go Where You’re Celebrated Not Tolerated.”

This small gesture made such a difference to my teaching experience I couldn’t stop thinking….If everyone who went to work got a hug when they arrived, we’d certainly have a lot happier population.  Yeah, I know probably a long way away from that, but its certainly worth promoting.

So I just wanted to officially say thanks to all my good friends and students at Sol who believed in me and all the incredible learning experiences we shared together.  Please join me at me at my new home!

Chad Scott - Bound Side Angle

Bound Side Angle

If you’d like to come take my class check out my schedule here:

and you can check out the most amazing studio in San Diego here:

Finally, I just wanted to thank Chaise and Kristi for believing in me.

Lots of love to you all.  -C