Gratitude & The 3 Guides To Better Decisions in the New Year

Follow Your Guide

I thought I’d take this time to thank you! Yes you.. who are reading this right now.  I’d like to specifically thank you for being curious enough to seek out what life has to offer at higher elevation.  It is of course at higher elevation or our peak life experiences that we feel most alive. These experiences usually have a few things in common and guide all our decisions in life so that we  stay on the highest most rewarding path.   As you read them ask yourself if you’ve based your decisions on these three criteria:

1) It  feels good to you

2) It  feels good to others and

3) It does good for the greater good of society and the world

These decisions don’t have any downside, only upside.  Typically, if you’re making decisions and using this criteria you will be doing things that fill you up instead of take away and the bottom line is an abundance of absolute happiness that can not  be taken away.  This is what I’ve based my life and musical creations on and my hope is that I’ve inspired you with some lyric, picture or piece of wisdom.

As we move into the new year its natural to reflect on the past year and hopefully express our gratitude for all that has affected and moved us to greater heights. This last year for me has been the first year I fully realized that in order to make it in music I couldn’t just wait for a label to slap down $1 million dollars in advertising, but rather I’d have to build my fans one at a time until I got to a critical mass that could carry the message forward.

Well its been both enlightening and humbling at the same time.. that’s to say the least. The feedback I’ve gotten about my music from you and others has been overwhelmingly positive and I just want you to know that this is one of my primary fuel sources, which keeps me moving ahead at full speed.

Below are some of the highlight comments I’ve received from the Feel Good Tribe below, which I thought I’d feature.  And of course I’d like to thank and acknowledge everyone who has either commented on my music or joined the Feel Good Tribe and taken the next step in elevating yourself and our world to a better place.  Please feel free to leave your own comment below.

Hey Chad,
I love the song and the video!
Seriously, I think it might be a hit.  I love the rythm, the feel, the lyrics and the message.
Great job!

Just broke out one of my faves! Smile for me. Every time I play this one, people comment on the awesome music I have playin!
-Tracey Flanary Barto

I am really crazy about it !!!!!!!!!!


you are one amazing talent.great stuff.keep up the great work mate
-Ayush Saxena
Pleasure. Cool, they are all great so its hard to choose which is my favourite, but at the moment I am really into “Smile For me”, it has an amazing vibe  – Dean Thompson
I love you music! Thanks for Sharing. I wish you all the best!
-Lorelai  Snows
Hi Chad. i love your music and i am sure you will capture a huge loving fan base real soon, you have one right here. I wish you best of luck. Cheers -Maham C.
Chad mucho gusto! Me encanto tu musica la estoy escuchando y me encanta! te agradesco por compartirla la verdad muy relajante! Exitos!
-Marisol Donoso
Hey that was a great song! It really did make me smile… Glad you sent me it and your voice is amazing!!
Amazing song! Loved it, just superb! The song has a very positive vibe that you can feel. If people took sometime from there hectic lives, and just smile more often the world would be a better place. Keep on making music, because it has such a positive impact on people!Sincerely,


You know; this is trivial, but your song “You are Wonderful”, I can really relate to the lyrics! and it’s actually becoming a favorite song of mine. I have been sharing it with a lot of people.   -laughing owl