Hot Yoga Chicks.. Not So Hot After Yoga

I was taking a hot yoga class at Indie Yoga in OB the other day from one of my favorite yoga instructors Jenn Richardson and she made the front row turn around and face the rest of the class kind of as her “entourage.” It was humorous and interesting at the same time. One of the gals was quite beautiful with golden locks, lots of cleavage and a slim figure. I’m a single guy.. I’m allowed to take notice if just for a moment, that is until I dipped in to my practice and forgot she was there.

Hot Chicks After Hot Yoga

The class was Hot Hatha and its like 105 degrees and everyone is sweating their balls off.. well the ladies of course without balls.. they sweat their makeup off. By the end of this class it was amazing the transformation of these women that come to class with makeup looking so tidy and cute. This gal who was looking like a summer Barbie fresh out of college, turned into a disheveled rag doll just out of the rain who was completely humbled by the ego breaking class she had just finished.

What a revelation to break down and shed the artificial layers of what we think we should be. Hot.. really hot yoga, not only reveals your true self, but cleanses the toxic residues from traffic emissions, pesticides, mercury fillings and strengthens your entire body.

As for the hot chick, I just wasn’t that interested anymore after class and went to take a shower. Does anyone look hot after hot yoga? Well the gals who come in without makeup have a much better shot, but then.. they must reveal themselves. What a plight!

Hope to see you all at the Wavehouse for our last Summer gig there. Its Friday night and its Free. Check the tour schedule for more info.

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Peace and love, Chad