House of Blues San Diego was a Game Changer

I’m completely inspired and fired up to push on through on my journey to inspire people with my music as last Thursday night we played the Feel Good Festival at HOB in San Diego and absolutely nailed our set.  It was such a surreal experience playing there.  The stage is big enough to do cartwheels on.. though I wasn’t about to get too crazy, I had to stay focused on performing the songs and engaging the audience.

Chad Scott - House of Blues San Diego

I personally didn’t miss a lyric or a beat and felt super comfortable on stage.  The sound system was bar none and just doesn’t get any better.  Plus the place was built for maximum acoustic balance, so both the performers and the audience hear every instrument perfectly balanced, crisp and clean like a recording.

The cool thing about the House of Blues is that its got Soul.  With tiki statues, tribal paintings, lots of warm wood decor the place breathes creativity and soul.

The gig opened with me as the MC introducing my good buddy Steve Gold and Stoned on Shiva who rocked the house with some super soulful blues. Then we burned through a set list that started with Love Makes the world Spin Round from my album Reggae Rock Hop and taught everyone the chorus then launched into Good Times Here Today, which pretty much always pumps up the audience.

Full Band HOB

Next we launched into Three Waves A Day with a new interlude we added after the bridge that sounds like a wall of melodic sound as all 4 melody players are hitting the same 4 chords, while Mark Lamson on Drums keeps the rhythm tight.

The rest of the set included:

Ben Zinn, Kevin Freeby, Mark Lamson

Angel of My Desire
Smile for Me
Stars are in the Sky
Set Yourself Free
Rise Up

We also brought in an acrobatic yoga performance from Simone Ressner and Chris Burns.  Its pretty much Cirqu Du Solei type of stuff with two

Simone Ressner & Chris Burns at FGF

people doing crazy stuff with their balancing on each other. The night closed out with my other friends Avasa & Matty Love doing their love potion songs that brought everyone together for a final pow wow on the dance floor. Everyone who came out was inspired and left Feeling Good, ready to take that goodness into the world and inspire others… the event was definitely a success.

We will be releasing a video soon so stay tuned.

Next Up?
RED ROCKS Colorado.  Yep, Red Rocks is my next really big goal for live venues.  It may take another 2-3 years, but ever since I saw the Clash there as a little kid I’ve always wanted to play Red Rocks.

What’s Your Favorite Venue?

If you have a favorite venue please let me know by commenting or sending me a message through the contact page here:

Lots of love to everyone.  -Chad