How To Make Your New Years Eve An Awesome Celebration

This time of the year always presents a bit of a conundrum, chill out and relax because hey… its been a long year or…
kick ass and check off one of those goals that you set at the beginning of the year?

victoryPersonally, I like to close the year on an up note rather than push something to next year.  The biggest reason is that it gives me momentum moving into the new year; by Jan 1st I hit the ground running.  Not only does progress give you momentum, but your celebration at the end of the year is a hell of a lot more meaningful.   With momentum and progress I feel hopeful and collective success is contagious and raises the vibration of the people around us.

On the other hand, if you just kick back and wait for the new year, there’s a good chance you’ll just keep postponing.  And of course your celebration at the end of the year won’t be quite as victorious, you may even feel a bit of depression from a lackluster year.

What If My Goals Are Too Big To Complete?

Even if your goals are too large to complete in one year, if you push for progress all the way up to the end of the bell, you will have reason to celebrate, as you’ll have beaten the demon of defeat and the demon of depression with a one two knock out punch…  BAM & BAM Demons Dead!

So what can you do in two weeks to have an awesome inspiring New Years Celebration? Personally, I’m pushing to launch a new business to help musicians and I’ll keep you posted on that one once it releases.  Please feel free to share your goals and any other insights.

Wishing you success!

lots of love, Chad