Incubus Manager Picks “Smile for Me” as Song of the Week

I recently saw Incubus Manager Steve Renman (aka “Ren”) at the San Francisco Tech Conference and was super impressed with his no BS approach to music business.  So I signed up to his new mentoring site Renman Music & Business and uploaded three songs: “Set Yourself Free”, “You Give Me Good Love,” and “Smile for Me.”  A few days later I got a Tweet in my inbox saying that my song Smile for Me had been chosen as “Song of the Week”  by Ren.

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I must say, what an honor to be endorsed by someone I really respect.  But I’m also curious, why not the other two songs?  Its so strange how I get such different feedback for different songs.  For instance, about 30% of the time  I play “You Give Me Good Love” in yoga class someone comes up and say:  “Who was that song.. Good Love..?”


So What is Your Favorite Song? Please listen to the three below and Comment Below.  Thanks, Chad