Jack Johnson on Tour with Chad Scott?

Ok so its not official yet, but I’ve gotten several requests from members of the Chad Scott Good Vibe Tribe who are also fans of Jack Johnson requesting anything from a “duet” to a co-tour.  First thanks for acknowledging and second for your great ideas, keep them coming!  Of course I’d love to tour with Jack Johnson and I have a lot of respect for the guy.  He’s one of a few big time musicians who are environmentally conscious and don’t use profanity in their lyrics.  Kudos to you Jack!

The only concern I could really see from his camp would be that my music is half chill and half super energetic, which could make Jack look kinda slow and boring.  But I have plenty of Jack style chill songs.  Simple remedy would be to play only tunes that jibe with Jacks vibe, like Smile for Me, You Give Me Good Love, You Are Wonderful and Good Times Here Today.  So here’s a quick musical exercise for you.  Please listen to the following three songs and let me know which one you would send to Jack’s people to get on tour with him.  (Please comment at the Bottom of this Post) 

Now to the reality.  In order to get on tour with Jack I’d need a lot of my fans reaching out to him on his website and twitter asking that he listen to Chad Scott Music and bring me on his next tour.  Of course a ton of record sales or huge numbers of followers on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook could also do the trick.

If you’d like to see Jack Johnson and Chad Scott play together Please request it by sending a short email to his site link below, you can also just cut and paste the following message, but make sure you change a couple words.  If everyone sends the exact same email it will look a little spammy:

Send this message or a similar one..

Hi, I’m a big fan of Jack Johnson and Chad Scott and I would love to see them play together.  Please check out Chad Scott at www.ChadScottMusic.com The two of them together could raise the vibration of the world another notch and make for an unforgettable tour.

Where to paste this message:    http://jackjohnsonmusic.com/contact

Thanks a million.  And stay tuned as we make a big push to get on tour with Jack Johnson

lots of love, Chad