Kona Hawaii – Iron Man On Fire

Well it only happens once a year, the Iron Man world championship Triathalon in Kona Hawaii and I’m here to support my twin brother Darin compete for the title.    This place is truly awesome!  Floral scent is in the air everywhere you go, exotic birds sing with flutes and whistles, the ocean is blue and teaming with life.

Mt. Kīlauea, with steam gushing

And of course there’s Mt. Kīlauea, the highest sea mountain in the world, which is an active volcano.  This picture was taken on our drive from the airport in Hilo, you can see the clouds of smoke and steam coming from the mountain.  Now put 15,000 Iron Man junkies, afficianadoes, competitors and media on the beach in Kona and you’ve got an interesting scene.

The competitors like my brother are about to endure one of the most grueling feats of the human body in competition.  Just think about swimming 2.4-miles in the rough seas, then biking  112-miles in 85 degree weather, then running a regular Marathon which usually will kill even the most fit of athletes.  

Iron Chicks - They'll Rip your (fill in the blank) off

Meanwhile, I’ll be chillaxin with a virgin Pina Colada and my guitar after I catch my  3 waves and rooting for my bro throwing wet sponges and bananans his way.   Stay tuned for my next blog with the results of not only the triathalon, but the underwear pre-race happening in the next couple hours.  Yes I’m going to run in my underwear with my brother and Dad and 500 other Tri freaks.

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