Life Doesn’t Happen To You – Life Happens For You – Tony Robbins

Life Doesn’t Happen To You – Life Happens For You! – Tony Robbinsrobbins

While popularized by Tony Robbins, this quote is really based on empowering philosophies like Buddhism and date back several thousand years. What does it mean?

The best description I ever heard was from Josai Toda a world leader for peace who rose to lead the value creating society in Japan post WWII. I’ll paraphrase but he said something to the effect of: “Life is like a play, you chose the role you are playing in order to expand and grow.” And of course expansion and growth are the only true ways to experience deep joy in life.

So the next time you experience a challenging situation, rather than asking why this is happening, think about how this is happening for you, what is the lesson that will expand your capacity.

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