Live Video from Solace & Tipsy Crow – Youtube Viral Videos

In case you didn’t make it out on Tues night to the Tipsy Crow Downtown SD or Solace Moonlight lounge in Encinitas, we captured some live footage and are making it available  in a highlight reel exclusively  to our Good Vibe Tribe.   Just a special thanks to you for supporting Chad Scott music and the spread of its good vibrations across the planet.    This is raw, unedited video and the audio is from 1 microphone on a camera.  Basically it feels like you’re there, in a bar with lots of vivacious, happy, sometimes rambunctious people and a couple dudes playing songs in the corner.

Keep your eyes peeled as this is the first of a series of videos we will be launching.  Some will be public and some will be completely private, available only to those who signed up on our email list.

Lastly, just wanted to thank you again for you gracious support of music that hopefully makes a difference in the world.


Lots of love, Chad

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