Mark Gerard – Review

“Reggae Rock Hop! With a serious infusion of soul pumpin’ funk! Chad Scott delivers a hypnotic coalescent vibe that draws the audience in with an intimate and inviting power ­truly delivering on Chads musical mission: To remove suffering and bring happiness to all people by awakening them to their inherent greatness.

One planet, one people. The single “Heart Of A Buddha” grabs you with a soulful groove and moves you with the powerful lyrics that truly speak to the universal nature of the goodness in every soul on the planet! Not to mention that you can move to the track ­ envision people of all ages and races on all the continents grooving to the intoxicating rhythm.

“I’m Alive” is another example of the unique coalescent vibe that is Chad Scott Music. The track is infused with southern rock harmonica, funk guitar, and reggae beats, powerfully combining to deliver the joy expressed through it’s title and hook ­ “I’m Alive”! Exactly the sentiment the listener can scream along with while driving way over the speed limit! Check out the awesome website: For more intimate details and insight on this killer debut on Empower Records! .”

Mark Gerard is one of the top video directors in the music industry with several Grammy Nominations and credits to his name such as: Smashmouth, Aaliyah, Queen Latifah, Everclear, Coolio, D’Angelo, and many others.
Los Angeles