Matisyahu and Chad Scott Live in San Diego

MatisyahuWhen I first heard Matisyahu, I was thinking to myself, what’s the big deal, he’s not some virtuoso singer and he doesn’t even play an instrument. Then I heard him do his beat box thing and saw what he looked like… I thought ok this is definitely different, but a fad nonetheless. How long can you beat box and no one awards grammys for beatboxing. But after about 4-5 years of launching new material with real singing real songs and completely ditching the hat and beard I had newfound respect for this guy. Not only that, but he indeed won a grammy.

We definitely have a lot in common, including our reggae roots and spiritual seeking. So when I was at physical therapy the other day for my shoulder I broke 6 months ago, which is almost completely healed by the way, and I heard my therapist say he new Matisyahu and was going to see him at San Diego State University. He continued to talk about how he and his sister grew up with him on the East coast and he was known as “Matt.” His sister kept in touch with him and still talks to him to this day.

Of course I said, dude do you think you can ask your sister to give him one of my CDs?  He said, yes, I’ll try.  After the concert, which he got free tickets and stood backstage he said he actually liked the headliner “Rebelution” better as they were better musicians, but actually never saw Matt or Matisyahu.

So my only chance in this route now rests on his sister to deliver the CD.  I’ll keep you all posted.  I do think we’d make a good match for a concert.  Regardless, I’ve got some great new material coming out soon on my new album “Feeling Good.”  Its the best stuff I’ve ever written and you’re gonna love it.

What do you think about Chad Scott and Matisyahu together?  Please feel free to comment below.

Lots of love, Chad