Bio Summary

Chad Scott is a man on a mission to unite the world with positive music.  A true renaissance man with the grit and soul of Lenny Kravitz and the feel good vibes of Jack Johnson, singer/songwriter, author, world peace activist and entrepreneur Chad Scott offers up a buffet of sonic pleasure and introspection through tunes that will lift you up, warm your heart and inspire you to shoot for the stars.

Chad’s latest album “Set Yourself Free”  Co-produced by Chad and  JB Eckl (Santana, Ozomatli, Mary J Blige) features contributions from heavyweights like keyboardist Sebastian Arocha Mortan (Sting, Counting Crows, Seal) and bass player Pancho Tomaselli (War, Tricky, Philm).  Set Yourself Free is a unique fusion of Reggae, Rock and R&B blended seamlessly into an infectious uplifting groove.  Chad’s songs have begun to captivate the surf and yoga community of Southern California’s indie and pop culture alike, with songs like “Set Yourself Free” and “You Give Me Good Love”, predicted as “A Breakout Hit” by blogger Wildy’s World.


As a singer songwriter, surfer and master yogi, Chad Scott has dedicated his life to making people FEEL GOOD, which can be heard in his Feel Good song themes like “Three Waves a Day,” a funk laden reggae anthem for surfers and “You Are Wonderful” an inspirational reggae rock tune about the wonderful greatness that lies within everyone. Featuring such an uplifting style, Chad’s music has been compared to the likes of such varied artists as Jack Johnson, Seal, Maroon 5, Ziggy Marley, Jamiroquoi,.311, Bare Naked Ladies and classics like Steely Dan, Billy Joel and Eric Clapton.

With a treasure trove of life experience and struggles to draw on, Chad’s lyrics are plush with expression and meaning, simply conveyed through catchy sing along choruses, yet colored with surprisingly sophisticated arrangements of percussion, horns, background vocals and traditional instruments all anchored by Chad’s rich and resonant voice.

Unlike most musicians who get started at an early age, Chad spent most of his youth participating in high adrenaline sports and high finance never picking up a guitar or singing a note until his mid 20’s. While on a surf retreat he was introduced to the acoustic guitar and had a life changing experience, moving to Los Angeles shortly thereafter to study and devote his life to music. As he says, “The light bulb just went on and I knew from the first chord I played that this is what I was meant to do.”

Moving to San Diego in 2007 Chad created what has now come to be known as The Feel Good Music Project, a fiscally sponsored non-profit organization, which aims to change the lives of thousands of at risk youth with positive music, yoga and healthy living.  The Project combines the musical tour “Feel Good Festival” and a compilation CD “Feel Good Music Project CD” from 10 up and coming positive music artists, to achieve the goal of elevating people to “Feel Good” using positive vehicles.   The tour has been running successfully throughout Southern California for 4 years now and will be expanding into other adjacent states.

With 3 albums, numerous tours and an indie career spanning 10 years in the band Shaka Buku, in 2011 Chad made the decision to perform and record under his own name following in the footsteps of solo trail blazers Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz and Michael Franti.

Says Chad of his music and mission: “My goal is to awaken greatness in as many lives as possible with my music and the teachings of yoga.  Essentially a world of many people manifesting their greatest qualities means a world with less violence, less frustration and more smiles.” Chad Scott can now be seen on the Feel Good Festival Tour.

Chronological Bio

2003 “Good Vibrations”

Within 3 years Chad managed to release “Good Vibrations” in 2003, a mix of Cali inspired reggae, rock and hip-hop which created a respectable buzz in the Los Angeles area.  This period also marked a new departure towards self discovery and spiritual development which brought two key components, yoga and surfing into his life; the former of which he would later become a master teacher.

2006 “Reggae Rock Hop”

In 2006 after much growth and teaming up with bass player/producer Pancho Tomaselli (War), guitar player/producer JB Eckl (Santana, War) and keyboard player/producer Sebastian Arocha Morton (Sting, Seal, Nelly Furtado) Chad put out “Reggae Rock Hop” once again under the stage moniker Shaka Buku.  The album sold over 5,000 copies and was featured on MTV networks, O2 Network and several other television specials.  This period also marked hundreds of live performances in concerts throughout Southern California as well as a NACA college tour which took the band to Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Northern California and Nevada.


2008 “Feel Different” & “Three Waves A Day”

Seeking a more suitable environment for his music and his lifestyle, Chad made another big shift and moved to San Diego; his alma mater where he once played football for the SDSU Aztecs.  Highly influenced by his own personal development and the San Diego surf and yoga culture, Chad released his best work to date “Feel Different,” which had contributions from the same three musician producers from his last album JB Eckl, Pancho Tomaselli and Sebastian Arocha Morton.


For the first time Chad had reached out to JB as a co-producer, which turned out to be a crucial decision. Eckl, a master producer, guitarist and songwriter with a genius touch, pushed Chad to a whole new level of songwriting and musicianship making “Feel Different” an album hailed by many as a timeless masterpiece of art and music.

Seizing on an unfulfilled demand for healthy conscious entertainment Chad then created “Three Waves A Day” and the “Feel Good Festival” a touring interactive musical event to support the evolution and inner happiness of people through the Three Waves of Yoga, Surf and Positive Music.  The event has now been held up and down the coast of California and has been hugely popular among the yoga and surf community.

2012 “Set Yourself Free”

In 2012 Chad decided to make but yet another bold move and change his stage moniker from Shaka Buku to “Chad Scott”  (Scott, being his middle name).  Chad says of the change:  “Shaka Buku was always me, but I always felt if your band is your name you better be pretty damn good and for the first time I feel comfortable with that responsibility.”

With the new name change Chad put out “Set Yourself Free”, which is the name of the first single off the CD.  The CD is  an upgraded version of “Feel Different” with some remixing and re-writing of 6 songs.  The album can now be heard on tour throughout the West Coast on the “Feel Good Festival” supporting positive music, yoga and healthy lifestyle companies.  For booking or inquiries please visit us here.. Contact