My Arm Comeback… The Golden Ring ..New Shows.. Zels Del Mar & Tipsy Crow

Well its almost been two months since I broke the head of my humerus completely off my right arm. As I begin a very painful rehabilitation, each day I regain more range of motion and more strength… and everyday is like being reborn with fresh life and new abilities. Kind of like a little kid who learns how to first ride a bike, its both liberating and exhilarating. Most of all I’ve found incredibly deep appreciation for the smaller things in life.. like having two hands to wash dishes. Normally a task most would detest, has become the most exciting part of my day. You’re probably saying, are you nuts, but think about struggling with one hand to wash dishes… nothing stays in place, the bowl spins around when you try to clean it, you pat down the silverware with soap but it still holds chunks of food… and then one day you have two hands, its a revelation, its simply sublime!

As far as music is concerned I haven’t sang much at all because the volume of pressure from wind in the pipes reverberates through all your bones and if they are broken anywhere its quite painful, but I’ve now officially got bone on bone and I’m singing again. Guitar has been a bit slower to integrate as my right arm, which was broken, does most of the work strumming.  Nevertheless, I managed to pick it back up again two days ago and like the dishes, its pure joy to use my right arm again and hear the sweet melodies that resonate from wood and strings.

My biggest take aways from this whole trauma ordeal are:

1) appreciation for everything and everyone in my life.. I’ve had some amazing people step forward to support including friends, fans, family and yoga students.

2) A time tested piece of wisdom. Before I divulge, I’ve heard this piece of wisdom from many wise leaders both in the personal development and spiritual worlds, but I’ve been listening to Eckart Tolle’s A New Earth on my iPod over and over and over as I take my morning walks, which have now turned back into jogs and rollerblades. In his book he tells the story of a King who waffles between restlessness and discontent one day and joyful the next. He summons the wisest man in the lands and asks to bring him peace and in return he’d pay him anything he wanted. The wise man tells the King he doesn’t have enough treasure to pay for his solution, but he will give it to him as a favor. He then offers the King an ornate little box carved in jade. The king opens the box and finds a gold ring with the inscription “This too will pass.” The wise man says to the King when every you are in doubt or have a problem read this inscription.

This injury too shall pass and last night was the first step in that direction.  Ben, my lead guitar player and I busted out a 3 hour set of acoustic gems from my latest album “Set Yourself Free” as well as some classic Shakabuku songs like Sunday Sunday Monday from my second album.  The crowd at Zels Del Mar is a bit older so we broke out some of our Motown classics like “Lets Stay Together” by Al Green and “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye to which we received a standing ovation and an encore request.  By the time we finished 3 hours  I just had to turn down the encore, as my shoulder was aching from overexertion.  Above is a shot of Ben and I at Zels.  BTW:  the food at Zels is awesome… especially the Venison Meatloaf, which was super savory, kept me well fueled for the performance and much needed for the cold beach night.

Next we’ll  be performing at  Tipsy Crow Downtown on Saturday. Check the Tour Schedule if you’d like to come out and experience a show. And feel free to comment below.

Lots of love, Chad