My Audition at Americas Got Talent

Well I had an interesting experience at my Audition for Americas Got Talent. I was scheduled to go in on Saturday and I drove out to Anaheim thinking it would take me 1.5 hours tops so I left with a 2.5 hour window to audition. To my frustration it was bumper to bumper the entire way. I then took the toll road at Mission Viejo thinking I would save time and ended up even further away from my exit to the Anaheim Convention Center. Then once I hit the 5 freeway it was dead stopped, jam packed with cars and i had been in the car for 2.25 hours. It was clear I wasn’t going to make it so I turned around fuming.

But it was a good thing as I realized there was a second day of auditions. So I planned to leave with plenty of spare time just in case of traffic and I brought my friend Francesca to root me on. The traffic ended up being light and with good conversation we breezed our way to Anaheim in 1 hour. It was calm and not many people there because it was the last hour of the two day audition. I had been registered and set up for audition withing 15 minutes. I warmed up for about 5 minutes with some scales on my guitar and then got thrown in to the sharks tank.

It was a huge room with bright lights and sterile. Two 3o ish casting agents had a tiny little digital camera on me and asked me to introduce myself and then go for 90 seconds. I gave them my spiel about wanting to inspire people with positive music and yoga, than layed into “Lets Stay together” by Al Green. I sang well and the song is super happy, but I left feeling that it just didn’t matter to them. They were looking for some 15 year old kid who sounded decent or some freak with a speedo jumping off the roof into a bathtub.

It really didn’t matter because I was there not for my ego but to break my ego. I wanted to humble myself by going and doing something that I would normally consider way below me. I’ve written and produced 3 critically acclaimed albums and toured, but going to this Audition not only sends a message to the universe that I’m ready and I want it, but I’m humble and willing to do whatever it takes.

I’m inspired and the lack of response from these people gives me new Fire to get my music out to the masses.

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