Power to the Peaceful – Smile for me video

Did you make it out to the annual “Power to the Peaceful” event in San Francisco? If you did you might have seen us there videotaping footage for our upcoming video “Smile for Me.” I was honestly blown away at the attendance, the good people and the SMILES! for miles and miles!

First off it was a free concert in Golden Gate Park, with over 70,000 people cruzing around happy as can be. Why? Well its Saturday, the sun was shining and it was warm ( Rare in SF) and it was FREE! A recipe for success. But the real kicker here was that I’ve never seen (at least in the last 20 years) such liberal people, like some guy who wanted to trade a Shaka Buku CD for a pot brownie, or the fact that about 50% of the people there were getting high with some people just carrying their bongs in their hands .. In Front of the Police!

It was indeed peaceful and though I don’t endorse weed, it is a testiment to the non-violent nature of marijuana.

So what about the “Smile for me Video”?

Well manager Lori took the camera and just started walking up to groups sitting on the lawn telling them about the project and some just asking for a smile. She was on fire, collecting probably over 500 smiles in about 2-3 hours. At one point right before the headliner came on (Michael Franti) and Rebelution was playing there was a swarm of people trying to travel to the front so she borrowed a chair and stood on it then started telling everyone to smile while filming, it was awesome. Everyone was into it, in fact I think only 1 person the whole day said no and that was some vendor (obviously a little angry).

Bottom line is we are on to something really big, I mean really big. How good does it feel to smile? Every time someone smiles at you its like an instant trigger for you to smile back. Why?

We will explore that in our next blog entry.

If you were in the video and you are looking for your picture or the video PLEASE SIGN UP ON THE LEFT for the “2 free downloads” even if you already have the CD. This will give you access to a FREE COPY of the Smile for me Video slated for release on Nov 14th.