Pretty Face Discount – Available At A Steep Price

Pretty people seem in enviable at times. They seem to get more attention, jobs, preferential treatment and elevated status. My friend Josh Trent calls it “The Pretty Face Discount,” because when you’re pretty you get all kinds of discounts and breaks you wouldn’t had you not been pretty.

The only problem with this is it comes with a steep Price. Entitlement would be the 1st negative character trait acquired through a pretty face. Once the pretty person gets lots of discounts they start to expect them and begin to form an attitude of superiority above others.

You know the hot chick that gets the cut line at the dance club, a hot chick that gets away with a speeding ticket, the hot chick who gets 1 million likes on her every freaking post on Facebook and in rare cases the hot guy gets preferential treatment.

The problem is that it creates separation and disconnects people from being able to fulfill their needs for love and connection. Just look at all the messed up people in Hollywood. They live with the pretty face discount  their whole lives and no matter how much discount they get from their pretty face, it never fulfills the deeper underlying needs of love and connection. In many cases, without discovering this underlying  ego challenge, actors and musicians and famous people will turn to drugs or food or even exercise to numb the pain of disconnection.

So if you’re pretty, check in with yourself and ask… do I expect the world to treat me differently than everybody else? And if you see someone or meet someone who is clearly possessed by the pretty face discount, don’t get angry, don’t be jealous, because these people are sometimes the most challenged, disconnected and lost people in society. In the end, without some kind of awakening, they spend the rest of their years in misery and complaint.

Instead, try compassion. Instead of judging, try seeing beyond the surface. Chances are someone with a pretty face discount just wants love and connection but doesn’t know how to get it.

Well that’s my wisdom for the week. Hope you can gain something from it. Feel free to comment below if you have anything to add.


Lots of love, Chad