Raw Milk is A Crime.. Yet Raw Beef and Cigarettes Are Legal

Think you can eat whatever you want?  Guess again..

Today’s blog entry is about feeling good with food.  As you’re probably know by now, there’s a war being waged against raw foods by the US government and in particular raw milk. While raw milk sales or distribution are legal in several US states, we still have big brother instilling fear in the hearts and minds of its citizens.

Apparently our federal health agencies claim to be protecting us from this ‘dangerous’ product, yet as you walk down the aisles of raw beef at our local grocery store, pass by the liquor section, and watch individuals buying cartons of cigarettes – you have to wonder is this really about our personal safety or just paranoia.


There are even criminal trials centering around raw milk are scheduled to take place in both Minnesota and Wisconsin this year, and a new bill threatens to make herdshare illegal in North Dakota1.

(A herdshare is a private agreement between a farmer and an individual in which the farmer is paid to take care of an animal, cow for example, that belongs to one or more people. You essentially pay a onetime purchase fee to “buy a share” of a farmer’s herd, which entitles you to the benefits of owning that cow, such as a certain amount of milk each week.)

This has to be the most insane and ridiculous intrusion of government I’ve ever heard of.  Imagine, well its not imaginary anymore, that the government has control over what you eat, even if its good for you.  This is the scary point as Raw foods have been proven time and time again to be more beneficial in nutrient content and enzymes that pasteurized food.

So what next .. Hard boiled strawberries and steamed apples.
Both cooking and pasteurizing not only kill nutrients but they alter the combination and balance of nutrients thereby changing the molecular structure of food.  As the saying goes ” ain’t nothing like the real thing baby” and when we eat too much of stuff that ain’t real guess what?  That’s right we get sick because our bodies don’t know what to do with it.

So what can you do?

  1. Eat 60-70% raw food in your diet.  With that much raw food you’ll be able to cleanse out the remaining toxins.  I learned this from interviewing a well known raw food educator Robert Ross at Raw Food Life.
  2. The next thing you can do is sign up to petition the governments ridiculous war against raw food.   Just hit the link below:

Any other thoughts please comment below.

lots of love,  Chad