Rocking the Wavehouse Summer Concerts…Pictures & Video

There is something truly magical about playing music on the beach with the sand at your feet and the waves crashing in the distance.  About 4 years ago when I was known as Shaka Buku, my band played at the Wavehouse outdoor beach venue and created such a stir that they invited us to be the house band during the Summer.  Since then the band members went their separate ways to do personal music projects and I decided to take some time to pursue a solo acoustic career.

Chad Scott at WaveHouse San Diego

Fast forward 4 years and a back breaking struggle, I realized my music really blows people away when its properly performed and arranged. In my case this would involve a minimum 5 piece band with drums, keys, bass, lead guitar and me on vocals and rhythm guitar.   This year I managed to put together a new band with my long time drummer Mark Lamson (master percussionist and founder of Sol e Mar Brazilian band) and some new phenomenal players like Bass player Kevin Freeby who toured with Jason Mraz, guitar player Ben Zinn a ripping but greasy lead guitarist who just relocated from Nebraska and keyboardist Josh Weinstein.

I then I approached Wavehouse just at the right time and they were looking for bands to play the Lei’d back Friday concert series.  They hired us on the spot since we had a reputation and we ended up playing 5 rocking concerts there this summer.

Which brings me to a phenomenal musical performance with the awe inspiring beach setting as our backdrop and canvas for which we painted some soul stirring beats, grooves and melodies that had people dancing and singing all summer long.  Enjoy the Videos below!   And Please leave comments or requests below.