Shaka Buku & Michael Franti – A Good Fit?

Recently my manager Lori Mattingly has been in discussions with several managers of top artists including Maroon 5, Jack Johnson, John Mayer and Michael Franti & Spearhead. The discussions are about them playing with Shaka Buku at an upcoming Three Waves A Day event to support various charities in yoga and surfing.

We wanted to reach out to all our fans and ask how your weigh in? Who do you think would be a good match for Shaka Buku to play with. Perhaps the feel good music of Michael Franti and his track record for supporting the greater good of the people and the environment would be a the best fit. Or John Mayer and his largely female audience would resonate best…or Maroon 5 with their funky feel good pop sing alongs that are also reminiscent of Shaka Buku songs like “you are wonderful” or “come together” both off of Shaka Buku’s “Feel Different.”

Please let us know your honest opinion by leaving a comment below.


If you live in San Diego you can catch a FREE concert from us this Sunday 9pm at Longboards on Garnet