Smile For Me Video Goes Viral – 1 Million Views

Well its official.. Smile for Me music video by Chad Scott has gone viral with over 1 Million Views.   Well, at least that’s one of my goals for 2013.  Have you set your new goals?  Are they juicy..  do they get you really excited?

Let me share and perhaps I can inspire you.  Here is where a viral video like “Smile for Me” gets me excited: With major exposure I can make over 1 million people smile and that brings me great joy.  Along with that I plan on getting on the Ellen Degeneres show where she features feel good music and inspiring millions of people to smile.

From there my goal is to travel across the world on a tour to both play live and film a more enhanced version of Smile for Me and get the whole tour sponsored by either Crest, Colgate or other toothpaste company.  By the end of the tour I’ll have inspired several million more people and gained enough momentum to get voted on to the ballot for Grammy’s Best New Artist  or perhaps even Best new album.  And finally, for the grand finale, in 2013 I’ll have met my future wife, a true soul mate, at which point … shoot I’ll be whistling Dixie and drinking a pineapple banana protein shake in Tahiti.

Sound like a fantasy?
In setting goals I realized that the real benefit is getting clear.  As Tony Robbins always says: “If we don’t know what we want we just get whatever shows up.”  Well I can’t expect that everything will happen as listed, but at least I’ve wrote them down and I’m working towards a vision of greatness that not only serves me, but serves the world.

So What Are Your Goals for the new year, what really gets excited?  And have you written them down?

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