Smile for Me Video

Well it was long over due but its here and people are loving it.  The video, which took over two years to complete, filmed roughly 1,500 smiles up and down the California Coast from San Diego to Los Angeles to San Francisco. We sought out to capture a global sampling of genuine ear to ear smiles from California’s diverse population and I want to thank my friends, family and volunteers for their help, smiles and positive energy. 

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Why smiles?  
Turns out scientific studies show smiling not only looks good but has some amazing benefits including:

•   Makes You Feel Good – Research shows that the simple act of turning your mouth up, whether authentic or not, can help release endorphins, feel-good hormones like serotonin, a chemical that’s a natural stress-reducer. Smiling also boosts your immune system, as your body produces greater quantities of antibodies and T-cells (or white blood cells).
•   Makes You Look Beautiful -When asked to select more attractive counterparts, study participants at Scotland’s University of Aberdeen pointed to those people who were beaming. In another recent lab report, 69 percent of those asked said that women look younger and more attractive when they wear a smile rather than makeup.
•   Makes You Live Longer -Research conducted at the University of Illinois has suggested that people who generally feel happy and smile more often have a longer life expectancy of nearly a decade.
•   Makes Your Relationships Better -People who grin consistently are more likely to have healthy marriages, say researchers at DePauw University in Indiana. Some say it’s because smilers can more easily express their emotions, and others think that people who smile often attract happier people, allowing them to form stronger, more positive connections.

Thanks for helping us inspire the world with your smile. Our goal is to get 10,000 smiles on this page. Your smile is infectious… each smile creates another smile and waves of joy spread across the world making it a better place to live.

Find your smile and claim it: please locate the Gallery that contains your City Name and browse. Once you find your smile click on it and look at the picture number (for example: 2/20 ) write a comment below telling us 1) the picture number, 2) City and 3) your name and and we will add you to our special thanks page on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to get your free download of “Smile for Me” by clicking on the Green Box on the left. Please help us reach our goal by sharing the “Smile For Me” Video and this page with others

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