Song of The Year – You Are Wonderful – Chad Scott

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about success and successful people.  What I keep coming across is two things:

1) Put yourself out there

2) Do the things you avoid until you can perfect them

In light of the above, I’m putting myself out there by entering song contests, trying out for American’s got Talent and playing every opportunity I can.

song of the year

Recently I got an email from one of the Song contests (Song of The Year) that I won “suggested artist placement,” which means I was like a runner up.  Although I didn’t win the whole deal it does feel pretty good to validate the millions of hours I worked on the song “You Are Wonderful” and the fact that I made it to inspire millions of people to look within for the answers.



If you haven’t heard the song You Are Wonderful its about the stories we tell ourselves why we can’t do something.  Its about looking inside for the answers that break the shackles of limiting beliefs.  To Feel Wonderful Check it out on itunes here: