Tastemakers Rule

My full name is Chad Scott Nellis, but I go by Chad Scott professionally (short and sweet seems to be easier to remember).  Like you, I consider myself a tastemaker and I’ve always been able to spot music and trends before they went mainstream. My life is blessed with an amazing community of people who love life and my greatest treasure is to give people the experience of being fully alive, like having wings to fly… I do this with my music, writing and teaching yoga.  But…(Big But) this was definately not always the case.

You see, I’ve been on this journey since day one, pretty much on autopilot, to find out what it feels like to live the most amazing life possible.  To Feel Alive…  to Feel Really Good “most” of the time.  Like what adrenaline rush can I get that will knock my socks off from singing to a crowd, surfing, skiing, mountain biking, snowboarding or climbing the most pristine mountain and finding a hidden lake.  Or what foods really spark life into my legs like a cheetah or make my brain as powerful Einsteins (or at least close).  Or what jedi mind tricks can I use to be the master of my own mind, so I stop thinking about negative stuff and get everything I want.

In the beginning up through my 20’s I was selfish and pretty much lived for myself, but this took a big toll, including two knee operations, one shoulder operation, various broken bones and of course the emotional toll from being disconnected from the world at large.

By the age of 25 I was a self made millionaire living the playboy life in Aspen Colorado, snowboarding and skiing only when it snowed more than 4 inches, chasing the tail of damsels in distress, dining out at the finest restaurants and surfing in Cabo or Hawaii about 6 times per year.

Then… The Detour Sign Appeared
Turns out we were meant to create even more than we were meant to consume and after a couple years of this constant consumption, I felt really unfulfilled and empty inside with an overwhelming desire to create and contribute. Through an unexpected introduction to the guitar from a buddy in San Clemente, the light bulb went on and I ended up taking a permanent detour into music, which turned out to be the most triumphant moment of my life.

Bottom of the Barrel
Unexpectedly, this life of partying and having fun as my main objective ultimately sent me to the bottom of the barrel so to speak, where I was literally depressed and sick from lack of fulfillment.  After vomiting for two days straight I ended up in the emergency room at Cedar Sainai hospital.  The doctor took every test there is, but couldn’t find a damn thing wrong with me.

My Biggest Life Lesson
This to me was an omen, a sign from the universe, I needed to change my path.

Why?    The benefit of being at the bottom of the barrel is that it forces you to take a good hard look at your life.  For me I realized I needed to dedicate it to helping others FEEL GOOD, not just myself.  Shortly after I was introduced to yoga, meditation and helping others for no good reason.  And guess what?  It felt amazing!

Making Good Music Ain’t Easy
Now became the real challenge of living up to my tastemaker standards.  As an aspiring artist I was criticized for not having a good enough voice, singing off key.  But I had gone to private singing lessons once a week for 2 years, how could this be?

I submitted my music to every opportunity there was and got no positive responses.  I played live and the only people who showed up were my parents and my brother and my best friend.  In my first album I was criticized by a big producer for having weak songs and told not to show them to anyone.

At this point I felt like giving up.  I started late, so 31 years old I might as well throw in the towel.  But then something Glorious happened.

Tastemakers Rule
Then one day I got an email from a fan who said:  “I love your voice, keep doing what you’re doing and one day I will say: “I knew him when”.

When I got that email everything changed.  I got totally fired up! I made some phone calls, got some advice and everything started rolling.  I found the best voice coach in the country and took lessons for another 2 years but twice a week this time.  I hired new musicians to work with me who had worked on projects like Sting, Seal, the Marley Brothers, Ozo Matli, Counting Crows, Santana, Nelly Furtado and more.

The result of this one inspirational email from a tastemaker just like you resulted in the creation of my next two critically acclaimed albums “Reggae Rock Hop” and “Set Yourself Free”, which were featured on several shows and commercials on HBO, O2 Network, MTV.  Two songs “You Give Me Good Love” and “You Are Wonderful” also won songwriter competitions like the International Songwriting Competition and I’ve headlined House of Blues and Belly Up Tavern several times.

All this because someone just like you supported me and took the time to give me feedback.  Without tastemakers like you I wouldn’t be doing this.

I hope after reading this you might take one minute out of your day to add your thoughts or a comment below.  I’d really appreciate hearing what you think of my music, this story and questions or requests you may have!

Perhaps you’ve have a similar experience as an individual, or as a fellow artist? 

I owe my continued existence to the support and feedback of people like you and I guarantee if you ever drop me an email, your message will carry just as much weight as that one that put my career back on track and… and I will definitely reply.   

Thanks for your support,