The 3 Hardest Things To Say In Life Are, I Love You, I’m Sorry, I Need Help

For all its vanity and time sapping, Facebook has some amazing benefits like meeting new friends and getting inspired.  thRecently I met a new friend who posted the following:

The three hardest things to say in life are: I Love You, I’m Sorry, I Need Help.   Typically if  look behind the smile to the pain deep within you’ll notice a lot of people who appear to be happy from all their pictures on Facebook aren’t really that happy after all.  These people rarely if ever say I love you, sorry or ask for help.  If someone can’t say I love you, chances are they were hurt in the past and feel its too big a risk to be vulnerable.

If someone can’t say I’m sorry, typically they lack humility and do not believe in themselves enough to see that apologizing actually relieves you rather than diminishes you.

As for “I need help,” in my experience again this is humility verses arrogance, or seeker verses small minded.

So who are you?  And what could you be?

Please chime in with any comments below.

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