The Only Source Of Knowledge Is Experience

“The Only Source Of Knowledge Is Experience”  – Albert Einstein

Many people want to be coaches and teachers, so they read books and take courses, but the older I get the more I realize that the best teachers and the most interesting people are the ones with the most real-life experience.  In today’s American culture as well as most of developed countries, we find that youth has lost a great deal of respect for the more experienced and mature of society.  The only problem is of course, our culture lacks wisdom, which is actually a very large problem manifesting in a major void of spirituality and wisdom.

Each time I meet someone, one of the first things I notice is whether or not they’ve been through some major life struggles or have they just been on cruise control.  Typically the ones with the most experience are good listeners and speak only when the time is right, while those without much experience do the opposite.  What is your experience with the experienced?