The Ultimate Compliment for A Yoga Teacher Is?

This morning I taught a level 2 Vinyasa class at Indie Yoga in Ocean Beach at 9am.  This isn’t one of my regularly scheduled classes so I just assumed not many people would get up that early on a Sat and want to sweat their brains out.

I guess I was wrong, as the class was jam packed with about 30 or more people.  When I teach early in the morning I purposely don’t eat any food so I can adhere to my intermittent fasting 2-3 days a week where I don’t eat for 15 hours during a 24 hour period.  This cleansing period leaves me feeling clean and a little slow, but once we got started and the blood started to flow I managed to create a magical experience that ended with the ultimate compliment.

connectOur theme was receiving abundance and what in your life would you like to receive… material things, love, health or other.    My objective was to open people up to feeling the ultimate connection… their connection to the source of abundance in all things (aka God, Divine, Jah, Universal Intelligence, etc.)

Well first off I’m not a teacher that believes in cramming a bunch of physiology terms down a student’s throat until they just become numb.  You know what I’m talking about, the teacher that sounds like a robot and just recites like a medical terminology book… Like: tuck your third rib under your medial ventral valve and lift your mid section of your clavicle up the lower cavity of the lumbar… blah blah blah blah blah (none of that makes sense, just exaggerating for the sake of humor).

No actually I do teach alignment, but 90% of this stuff does NOT get absorbed by the student and can actually distract from the real point of yoga which is To Connect Mind and Body!   Instead, what I like to do is really focus on people making a connection to the present moment by noticing when they drift off into the past or future and catching themselves.  From there I encourage them to take a really big breath of air through the nose and come back to the present moment and ask themselves how they feel.  Eventually, after doing this enough, the students really start to immerse themselves into the moment and quite naturally, inner abundance and infinite intelligence start to emerge from within.

This feeling of bliss, power and joy is none other than our connection to our source and after a hot sweaty class of connecting to abundance of source this guy came up to me and said:

 “That was amazing… I saw God!”

And he was really serious when he said it.  It was just one of those classes, where I was right on with all points of connection including music, which thanks to Vagalume by Ian O’Brien (Listen below) in shivasana sealed the deal.

Anytime I can help someone see, feel or touch their source of infinite power I’ve elevated myself to Avatar or Buddhahood and I’m still buzzing as I write this blog from my own connection, which is strengthened even more every time I can empower someone else with that experience.

Please feel free to share your Connection experience with a comment below.

Lots of love, Chad