Today is my Birthday.. What Should I Do?

Well another birthday is here and I’m wondering… what’s the most important thing to do on your birthday.  Should I celebrate, should I work, should I tell people?  After thinking about it for about 2 seconds I realized its a time to celebrate me, my birth into this world, the lives I’ve changed and  everything I have achieved.  So with that I’m going recount my top 10 highlights of my life so far.

Happy Birthday Free Man Chad Scott

1) I had the great fortune to be born from very loving parents, as such I’m a loving person, which I appreciate so much in this world where so many struggle with an inability to give love.

2) I went to SDSU, played wide wide receiver for the Aztecs and earned a degree in Business.  This experience taught me self-discipline and has aided me in many challenges … oh year and how to have lots of FUN!

3) As a young entrepreneur and capital broker out of college I managed to become a millionaire by the time I was 25 and moved to Aspen Colorado where I bought a 3 story townhouse with a jacuzzi and discotheque in the middle of town.  I got to ski or snowboard any day of the week for 3 seasons and had more fun than most people have in a lifetime.

4) At 27 years old I had a major life shift and  awakening.  Like many others before me, I struggled with arrogance, selfishness and anger which drove me to bottom out mentally, physically and financially.  Fortunately bottoming out was the best thing that ever happened to me as it  crushed my once huge, overwhelming and imprisoning ego.  I embraced the teachings and practice of Buddhism wholeheartedly, becoming a sponge for wisdom and began to really  practice compassion, giving to others unconditionally.

5) With my ego out of the way I began to really learn how to sing and write songs that moved people creating the critically acclaimed album “Reggae Rock Hop”.

6) I moved back to San Diego, my Alma mater and had the opportunity to be a live in mentor for 2.5 years to a struggling parentless 18 year old kid with cerebral palsy.  This changed my life forever and really solidified my role in this world as a mentor and teacher.

7) I began teaching yoga at the Wavehouse in Mission Beach 6 years ago and I love it so much I still teach there.  I’ve since expanded my yoga teaching to Indie Yoga, Sol Yoga, PuraVida yoga center and Bird Rock Yoga.  I’ve taught thousands of students and changed hundreds of lives for the better.

8) I created the Three Waves A Day and Feel Good Festival Concert series and packed the Belly Up and House of Blues.  I hope to make the concert a national tour one day.

9) I created Music Launch, a massive online educational platform for music artists, hobbyists and professionals.  Its been under construction for 3 years and hopes to launch in 2013.  I think it will change the world of music forever and at least disrupt some rip off schemes out there.

10) I changed my stage moniker from Shaka Buku to Chad Scott ( Scott is my middle name) and stepped into some large shoes, releasing my best work to date “Set Yourself Free” which I truly believe in my heart has the potential to win a Grammy.

And now I feel pretty freaking good, I’ve made great contributions to the world with positive music, timeless principles of Buddhism and the teachings of yoga and I hope to expand this and reach out to the masses.  So Happy Birthday to me, you’ve done well Chad, keep up the freaking amazing work dude!

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